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Looper CD

>>I was also thinking about approaching Alchemy Records and DGM for 
>>distribution of the project beyond our looping realm.  If we decide to go
>>this route we will need to make sure the quality of the project is
>>Any thoughts?
>If we're going to dive in and do it the slick way, I'm in.  I'd pay $100
>or so to get on and get some CD's.
>If it's going to be a CD-R thing, I'm not interested.

Hey, this thing is getting really intriguing, especially if the chance of
contacting DGM or Alchemy Records will become true. I'm looking at the list
from a while, but I had no very much time to participate to the interesting
talks (since I don't have internet at home, only at work) - sic! Do you
think it will be possible for European loopers to participate to the
project? If so, put me (and my $100) on the list! Again, a CD-R is not of
much interest, since nowadays it's very easy to make one at home, just like
tapes for the car, but I think this is not what we are looking for...

The Looping Uncle 8^)#