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Re: Re[2]: The 2nd CD project.

A number of people have mentioned the possibility of releasing a double CD.
 This idea is worth investigating *if* there is a need.  We can (and will)
address this need after I have a better idea of who is submitting material.

> From: Mike Biffle <Mike.Biffle@wj.com>
> Sean mentions track time below and, knowing how I and many other loopers 
> operate, track time of less than 5 minutes is just not enough to build a 
> dynamic, real-time loop. I would imagine that there are many who would
prefer to
> have possibly ten minutes or more.

The problem with longer track times is that the cost per submitter
increases.  In theory the idea of having longer track times provides
greater artistic freedom...but, because track time is directly related to
cost, it could also serve to eliminate some people who would otherwise
submit material.

> What might be a target maximum track time? How many submissions we have
now? A 
> single CD might only cover submissions from 7-10 persons. We might have
> create a multi CD project to accomodate the entire group! The $100
> should still cover it.

My estimates were based on a cost of $1200 for 500 CDs.  With 12 submitters
the cost per person is $100...which seemed reasonable and do-able to me. 
That being said, we could cut a few corners, lower the cost and the need
for 12 submitters, and hopefully keep the cost around $100 each.  For
instance, we could go with a 2 panel booklet instead of 4, b&w instead of
color, etc.  

> Like Sean, I would probably prefer to hear what everyone's up to rather
than try
> to make this a marketable slick product. We could certainly boil these 
> submissions down after the project for a commercial endeavor based on
> favorites.

I'm sure we would all like to hear what everyone is up to BUT I think some
of us would also like to have a project pay for itself (marketable slick
product).  Personally, I'm tried of dishing out hard-earned money to press
CDs that don't sell as well as I would hope.  I still have about 250 CDs
sitting in my basement from my old defunct band.....and a $800 bill that
will probably never be recouped from sales.  Alas....that's my problem.

Granted....$100 or even $150 isn't that much.....but....compilation CDs can
be very hard to sell if there are a few "lemon tracks."