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Re: CD Project

Hi All,

I've been lurking around Loopers-Delight for some time 
now and this project sounds so exciting I couldn't resist.  
It looks like there is no shortage of Loopers out there.  
So, if there is a slot, please include me as a submitter.  
I can submit on DAT format.

I prefer the more pro approach and am willing to kick in 
$100.00 or whatever.  Three - five minute tracks sounds o.k.  
How about a theme for cohesiveness?  A project every 4-6 months 
would be nice based on the interest this one seems to bring.  

Wav files or RA would be great on the LD web.  Maybe a monthly 
feature on RA.  Or, a colaberative. 

I've been looping for many years now.  I started with a 
few old tape Echoplex's.  I still have them and use them 
once in awhile.  Now I'm more into sample loops.  I like  
"flying in" my Jupiter-6 (among other things) into an 
RDS8000 looper too.  It works very well for live performing.  
My stuff goes in and out of organic, ambient, space rock, a 
little tech to electronica. (just to through sum buzz words 

Thanx Kim, for creating LD and Matt for taking on this project.  
I'm not that computer literate so, you guys make a big differance.


Mark b.
Theatre of the Mind