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Re: Re[2]: The 2nd CD project.

>> How about a "flagship" CD plus a "everyone together",
>> not-as-slick double TAPE (ie much cheaper) with everyone? ...Tape tree!
> Oh, good point.  Somehow I had forgotten the existence
> of all non-digital media...  (well, assuming you mean
> tape tape not DAT). 

I mean tape tape not DAT!

> I guess it's just not quite as sexy as a CD so harder to find someone 
> willing to run it.

"I'm too sexy for my tape!"

The point is, if we do a LD tape for our own consumption we can skimp on
some of the glossier production aspects (mastering, presentation etc) in
order to produce a LD tape for oor own consumption. Then everybody is
better placed to work out who gets on the CD, because we all have copies of
everyone else's work.  I think the aims of "let's show the world what we
can do" and "let's find out what we all actually do"  are completely
different, and as such can be adressed more easily using diferent formats.