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Re: King Crimson Concert in London, England

Not really King Crimson - it's Fripp, Gunn, Bruford & Levin, calling 
themselves "PROJECkT
One". Not much looping, only Fripp himself with his current Soundscapes 
setup (four
TC2290s, two Eventide H3000 UltraHarmonizers, Korg A3, Sound Sculpture 
et al).

The music itself is extremely interesting, however - very weird, sometimes 
sometimes funky, especially when Fripp cranks up the fretless bass preset 
on his
VG-8, or a synth organ sound for comping. Levin's on Chapman Stick, and 
StingRay, and NS Electric Upright, and Clavia Nord Lead synth, and Sony 
digital camera.
Bruford is completely acoustic - no Simmons SDX, just lots of clattering 
noises, while Trey Gunn is on a planet of his own (Warr Guitar, Trace 
Elliot stack,
and some effects box that scrolls the message "Bite Me, Bagel Boy" in 
between patch

There's still two nights of this madness left - tonight (Wednesday) and 
The Jazz Cafe is extremely close to the Camden Town "Tube" station, in the 
called "Parkway". My ticket for Thursday may be going spare, so drop me a 
line by
Thursday mid-day (GMT) if you're interested in going... there might be 
some more
on sale (15 pounds) at the door, too. (Tuesday was half-empty). Music 
starts at 9PM,
with Fripp doing very minimal Soundscapes (3-4 plucked notes an hour) on 
and off
from before the doors open (7PM).

If anybody knows the area, I'll be in the O'Neills Irish pub 2/3 the way 
down Camden
High Street on the right, from about 7:00-8:30 tonight and tomorrow, 
wearing a beard,
glasses, big blue coat and carrying a brown shoulder bag, drinking 

Cheers! (hic)

Brian Thomson
frivolous@mailexcite.com                 London, UK
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