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Re: Mac vs PC = Intellectual Self-Abuse

Disclaimer: not a platform war, just adding some info.

>We were hearing this about 4 years ago, and again, 8 years ago.  And if 
>Mac was so superior, why did they have to work on a version (still
>enshrouded in smoke and marketing bs, and perhaps non-existent at this 
>to work on the non-68000 platform?

NEXTSTEP has been available for the Intel platform since the pre-Pentium
days.  Also, NeXT was working on a PowerPC version that ran on exisiting
Mac hardware a few years ago.  Knowing that, Apple's decision to buy NeXT
becomes a bit more obvious. ;)  Porting NEXTSTEP to PowerPC isn't an issue.
 Porting it to Intel isn't an issue.  What they've been focusing on is the