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Oh good - another list; and a tape for Euroloopers?

     I realise this in now so far behind the times it wont even qualify as 
     fashionably late, but...
     Just bought the new CD by Gabriela, "detras del sol", featuring Bill 
     Frissel, with yet another reworking of "Rambler" - very wonderful.
     Otherwise: this week, I have mostly been listening to:
     Jan Garbarek/Hilliard Ensemble - "Officium"
     (and I get to *see* 'em tomorrow, too)
     Steve Tibbetts - "Northern Song"; and "Cho" (with Choying Drolma)
     Paul Motian Trio - "Sound of Love"
     Martin Simpson/Wu Man - "Music for the motherless child"
     David Toop - "Screen ceremonies" and "Spirit World"
     Various - "Guitar on Mars"
     Brian Eno - "Ambient 1" and "4"
     Kronos Quartet - "Early Music"
     If anyone else is interested in a tape-based project, then I'd 
     Michael's ideas on this. May be easier to compile for European