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A tape for Euroloopers? (or indeed the world)

     I think my real emphasis is on a tape (cassette) compilation as 
     opposed to a CD - the regional thing is secondary. 
     This is partly to cut-down on fuss and finance. Rates of exchange, 
     bank charges on cheques, etc get a bit complex for cross border 
     transactions. Plus there must/may be those who'd like to exchange 
     music, but can't stump-up $200 (or whatever). Instead, contributors 
     send 10 mins (for eg) of their material, plus a blank C90 to a 
     compiler (could be me) and a few bob for P&P.
     I'd be interested in this low-budget approach if anyone else is - or 
     perhaps we would just continue to trade tapes individually, so its 
     really necessary?
     I'll get me coat...

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Subject: RE: a tape for Euroloopers?
Author:  Michael Peters <MPeters@compuserve.com> at Internet
Date:    04/12/97 15:45

David Orton sez,
>May be easier to compile for European loopers?
There are certainly enough European loopers among us, but compiling a 
European CD wouldn't be *easier* than doing an American/European 
compilation. (Any people from other continents? I think we have one looper 
from Japan ...)
I think this idea is ok, but maybe we should try to *start* with a 
compilation that contains a maximum of diversity, as Kim suggests. Then if 
more projects follow, one theme could be loops from different regions ... 
although I doubt that it would make any sense musically.
Michael Peters   
HOP - Fractals in Motion ..."the only screen saver you'll ever want"