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Re: Mac vs PC = Intellectual Self-Abuse

At 3:43 AM -0500 12/5/97, Mark  Sottilaro wrote:
>Yeah-yee Kim!
>Way to go.  Your my hero! Marry me? (just kidding)

hey big boy, that's not legal where I live. But I hear they're workin' on
it in Hawaii, and I always wanted to live there....;-)


>Mark Sottilaro (just getting done from an 18 hr Mac/Avid editing session)
>On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Kim Flint wrote:
>> For someone who doesn't like wasting time on pc vs mac arguments, you 
>> have a lot to say!
>> At 05:48 PM 12/3/97 -0800, Stephen P. Goodman wrote:
>> >I generally walk away from Mac vs. PC arguments since they're some of 
>> >most repetitive crap-throwing parties around.
>> I think we can all agree on this point. If anyone else has anything 
>else to
>> say on the subject that is unrelated to looping, please consider going
>> somewhere else, like alt.pc.vs.mac.oh-god-not-this-again.
>> thanks,
>> kim
>> (who gets paid nicely to design multi-media pc's and still won't use 
>one at
>> home....:-)
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