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Re: Vortex Questions

>Lexicon Vortex
>1.  Is there any way to configure an effect so that I can have only my =
>echoes heard and no input signal?  Most of the effects still have the =
>input signal when the Mix level is set at 64.

Try setting mod fx level to 0 and echo fx level to 64.
This gives you what you want on 90% of the effects.  The
idea of the vortex is that's a "chorusy echo"; mod fx level
controls "direct" chorusy sounds, and echo fx level controls
the echoes.  So if you don't want the "direct" chorusy sounds,
turn down mod fx level.

Looking at the charts, the exceptions I see:
it looks like Atmosphere B is fine as is, and you need
mod fx level non-zero to hear echoes.  Shadow B
can't be configured to give only echoes.  Choir B only
has echoes in general, and mod fx level selects modulated
eches whereas echo fx selects clean echoes.  Mosaic B,
due to the bug I posted before, probably won't be very
interesting with mod fx level at 0.

Sean Barrett