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RE: 2nd CD -- Themes and Costs

      > -----Original Message-----
> From: Michael Peters [SMTP:MPeters@compuserve.com]
> To:   Tom Attix
> Subject:      RE: 2nd CD -- Themes and Costs
> Maybe the CD should also carry a number - "Looper's Delight Vol. 1" (or
> #2,
> if Ray Peck manages to finish our first CD attempt first), making it   
> from the start that there is more to come.

Or perhaps call the first one "Loopers Delight," the second one "Loopers   
Delight," the third one "Loopers Delight"... :-} . (Hmm, why did the name  
Peter Gabriel just come to mind?). Slightly more seriously, though, if   
the type size started out large - say 30 point - and got gradually   
smaller with each issue...? Naw, not really, but it seemed funny at the   

Jim Bailey