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Re: Mixer Use

>Hi guys
>I'd like to know what kind of mixer's use you make in your looping setup.
>Regarding effect too.
>I could take a little mixer for nothing and I'd like to know more about it
>in a loop context.

i use a Mackie MS 1402-vlz.

Aux send 1 > Alesis Microverb 4 >> Jamman >> Stereo aux return 1

Aux send 2 > Alesis Microverb (the old little box) >>Stereo aux return 2

With this setup i can choose what and how much send to the effected jamman.
If i want a dry signal to the jamman i bypass the MV4.
I use effects send 2 to have a large reverb for my little percussions and
toys, independently from loops.

Now i would maybe add another multieffect after the jamman, to alter the
loops, any advice ?

ciao nicos