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Re: Greg H. omnipresent

<Oh, Greg while I've got your ear, I sure could use three or four tiny
little Jamman <case screws (long and short) to replace the ones I , ahem, .
. .  butchered, doing my <32 sec upgrade

<I wuv my Jammi

<drone on~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tom

You  guys should know that Lexicon's Greg H. is ever vigilant--my off-hand
remark was quickly followed by a query from an enchantress named Beth at 
asking where they should ship the screws--nice to know customer service
still exists . . .

so you Lex detractors (hmm. are there any?) beware . . . Greg's tendrils 

drone on~~~~~~~~Tom

(ps ---Thanks G.H.)
Tom Lambrecht  hideo@concentric.net