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Re:N.A.M.M show

NAMM is not open the public, actually. (Frankfurt musik messe is on two
days, and boy does it suck.) You have to "work" for a company in the music
industry that belongs to NAMM (national association of music merchants). A
lot of people seem to miraculously find employment in the music industry in
late january and appear at the show. Its sort of a see and be seen deal for
some - there's usually lots of hair spray, spandex, silicone, and has-been
rock stars walking about. (there must some neighborhood in LA that refuses
to leave the 80's.) For the serious gearhead, NAMM is a giant toy store
where you get to try all the toys before the other kids. Oh, and some poor
souls actually have to work during all that noise and insanity.....


At 12:23 PM -0800 12/11/97, Bill Dutcher wrote:

>I believe the last day of the show is open to the public, and you should
>be able to obtain a badge for a fee.
>Hope that helps,

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