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Proposal for the 3rd CD (Submissions on TAPE) March 31st deadline

After having been a part of the 2nd CD project, I would like to make a
proposal for the  
3rd project.  Many folks out there appeared to be interested in submitting

If you are interested,  I would be willing to produce this project.  

1) We would follow the guidelines being established for the 2nd CD project.
2) After the final tape is mastered, we would submit to Marathon for 
the final CD. 
3) All submitters get a set number of CDs and or Tapes with the ability to 
all subsequent pressings at cost.
4) The producer and Loopers-Delight receive stipends for their efforts.
(Goal being to help this web site to become self sustaining and to 
other producers to step forward)
5) 2,3 or 4 track  StereoTapes showcasing Looping and or Vortex highlights 
accepted.  Final Mixes being done by the producer.
6) $100 submission fee is required.
7) A request for artwork is made to the group of which websites are set up 
sampling and voting. 
8) Project time lines:

|Now----+March 31st tape submissions and selection process
|----------------------------+Web site design for all projects is set up.
             +------+ Production work for selections
|--------------------+May 1st Artwork submission
|-------------------+ May 1st submission for CD to Marathon
|-----------------------------+June 1st CD release
Web site maintainence
, copyrights, legalites if any.

9) Enjoy!!!!

Well, what do you all think?