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Re: bluegrass looping

In a message dated 97-12-13 03:15:13 EST, you write:

>  I don't know about audiences, but in my days of demoing echoplexes I had
>  quite a few bluegrass players express a lot of interest. I'm not 
>  familiar with bluegrass myself, but it seems that the music does make
>  frequent use of repeating motifs that might work great with looping. And
>  then there's Chet Atkins and Phil Keaggy (do they qualify as bluegrass? 
>  don't even know), who have both made use of looping in their music.
I didn't know that Chet had some looping stuff out there, do anyone know 
it is and if it's good?

As far as Phil Keaggy,  I have followed his stuff since 1975.  He has gone
through many changes.  In 73 he cut a record with a family in California 
Herring, the album was name 2nd Chapter of Acts.  At that point he was a 
bright inprov. rocker with a sound that received many eyebrow raisings in 
Christian world (rock in the church?  God forbid). By 79 he had made quite 
additional number or recordings, some of which were too stylistic of 
in fact some folks had names for his licks -  Keaggy-isms.  They were fast
appegiated sweeps across, sideways and up and down everywhere.  Then he hit
the acoustic scene discovering alternate tunings of which increased his
appegiated music approach.  Then the jamman came into play, of which I saw 
twice with that set up.  Incredible sound! 
He would switch from Acoustic to Electric, but I had always thought the
acoustic was his best instrument.   As far as a category?  
Christian-rocker-classical-acoustic-appegiated-scalar-monster gone soft?

If you haven't heard him and Christian based content does not bother you, 
a listen.  He's good.