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Re: Re: <STEREO>

The LoOpDoctOrs find stereo not only possible in small clubs but 

The "sweet spot" is a canard.  Sure, there is a set point in any given club
where if you did you on axis measurments you might get a true "Blumlein" 
but you know what...you can be well OFF axis and with our JBL Eon system 
several Vortexes wafting, you can hear all kinds of depth, ping pong shots 
backhand swirly's that you just won't get in the flat, pointelist world of

By the way, when we play we not only have stereo out to the audience via 
very mundane PA (no crossovers, but sometimes a bass feed to a mono drum
machine amp), but also through the various stage monitors that each one of 
use.  So you are talking about an interesting array of stereo sources 
at any number of points in the room.  

Balanced?  Heck no...but then who comes to see the LoOpDoctOrs expecting
equilibrium? A little phasey loopy weirdness is much preferable to the
monotones, as God understood when he put our two eared, two eyed and nearly
hairless species on the planet.

All LoOpDoctOr odors, however, emenate in mono.

The LoOpDoctOrs