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Re: Who's going to NAMM?

At 03:19 PM 12/15/97 +0000, Anton Chovit wrote:
>Kim Flint wrote:
>> The NAMM show is coming up again, Jan 29 - Feb 1.  Who's going? We had a
>> little Looper's convention last year. Small but fun! Who wants to do it
>> again this year?
>> kim
>Sounds interesting.  What did you have in mind?

I was thinking we could agree to meet at some spot for lunch on one of the
show days. Probably saturday since most people going are likely to be there
that day. Pretty free form from there...meet in real life, talk about
looping, recommend stuff to check out that we've seen, advice on which
parties to crash, etc. Whatever happens I guess. 

Kim Flint                       408-752-9284
Mpact Systems Engineering       kflint@chromatic.com
Chromatic Research              http://www.chromatic.com