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Re: Boss Sampler s-202 DR.sampler

On this note, I should recommend Stomper, a free program that lets you make
various percussive sounds.  It's easy to use and lets you do a lot of 
Not sampling of course, but it's a very easy and cool way to generate your
own sounds.

The URL is http://www.lysator.liu.se/~zap/mus_info.html  It's billed as "a
free TR 909."


>Another thing you might consider is using your computer and some of the
>cheap software out there. A lot of people use a program called Recycle to
>take sample beats from the net, chop them up into individual drum samples,
>and construct their own beats from that using a sequencer or tracker
>program. Might be cheaper and more powerful if you already have a computer
>with sound capability.
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