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Re: replacing parts of loops

At 20.50 17/12/97 -0800, you wrote:
>At 05:48 PM 12/17/97 -0800, Dave Trenkel wrote:
>>>This method seems really interesting (i.e. replacing parts with silence 
>>>making ad hoc rhythms).  I have a Jamman and haven't used replace much. 
> I
>>>sometimes add really random things in or play over the loop and hit 
>>>at random, but that only goes so far.  I should steal [cough], I mean 
>>>your method.
>>I do this a lot. Often I will lay down a longish droney texture in 
>>loop mode, and then use replace to "drop in" silence and other parts. I
>>find that there's a minimum time that I can hit and release the pedal
>>twice, about a second, which defines the finest granularity of the 
>>I gather that with the Echoplex, you can assign the pedal to only record
>>while the pedal is depressed, which could decrease the minimum punching
>>time quite a bit.
>Yes, that's right. You can get extremely short replaces by just lightly
>tapping the button. You can get some really interesting textures that way.
>Replacing with silence is one of my favorite techniques, too. The holes in
>the sound form a rhythm, which is pretty interesting. Another thing I like
>to do is build a loop that is one chord, and then tap replace in a 
>way while playing a different chord. You get brief, jarring chord changes
>which can be really cool. After you do this for a while, the loop becomes
>completely mutilated into a different sort of texture althogether. great
>Kim Flint                     408-752-9284
>Mpact System Engineering       kflint@chromatic.com
>Chromatic Research             http://www.chromatic.com

- About replacing parts in the loop.

On my Jamman I press on and off the replace function very quickly and a lot
of times, while playing new phrases, no key related to the old ones,
possibly faster in tempo. The result is a fascinating fragmented loop
impossible to play in real time.

Other techniques?

- About sampling.

I do a lot of sampling and editing with my PC. SoundForge, Recycle and
Cubase VST are my essential tools. 
If you have to buy a bad sampler, take a good PC for the same price and
download some cool prog from the net. 
I had an old Akai S1000 and its sound was really good, but with problems 
memory exansion (dedicated and expensive memory chips). I decided to work
with a computer and I can suggest you too this move.

Question to sampling experts: is there a way to simulate a midi interface
via software? I'd like to let my PC consider sound forge (or some other
editing sample prog) as a MIDI device and playing some samples at MIDI
command from the program? is it possible? thanks