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Re: How To Buy an Echoplex, Step One: WAIT

        Is this first come, first serve? In Feb. it will be a year of 
waiting. I
placed my order with a vender very low in the pecking order, and I
understand that completely. But I would have led my life differently if I
had been given a realistic time frame from the beginning. Every month it's
another 4-6 weeks. Last summer I spent who knows how much gas money on my
van because I was carrying around way too much equipment, expecting to be
mailed the EDPs  upon arival. But that's the least of it. 

        These aren't just toys to me, It's what I want to DO. I was 
waiting to go
back to school so I would have lots of time free to study looping. Now when
I get them,  if I get them, I'll be too intwined in Plan B to give it my
full attention. But the worst of it is how my self confidence has wained
while waiting. And what do you tell your grandfather before he dies anyway,
"Yes Gramps, I really AM doing something worth while switching from
instrument to instrument alone in my room and stomping on tape marks on the
floor marked "Multiply" and "Undo" and..." 

        Sorry for the tryrate, but what do you expect after nearly a year? 
What am
I to expect? I understand that it was difficult. And the people that read
this aren't neccesarly the ones who screwed up. But when can I expect
deliver? Honestly? 

        I think Oberheim should throw in the extra simms for full memory 
at cost
or less, personaly. But that's not why I'm writting this, don't get me
wrong. I JUST WANT MY PLEXES. Or at least a date I can expect them so I
don't fuck myself again. 


> Dear Gentle Readers-
> As I have privately related to various vociferous would-be Echoplex
> the  fine folks at Bananas at Large and Thoroughbred Music were the
> recipients of the first batch of EDP's from our gleaming new Nashville
> plant. We are told to expect at least 100 more units within the next 
> days, based on estimates from the assembly plants. Exact locations as to
> where these units will end up are not available at this time, but I would
> think any retail establishment worth its salt would respond to a plethora
> of consumer inquiries with a fat order to Oberheim, especially if they 
> recently received backordered units that satisfied their grumbling 
> Ne c'est pas?
> Tom