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Time and accuracy


About accuracy for loop time, lately I'm creating my loops to a midi clock
from a cheap drum machine. The drumachine is synced slave to my jamman and
the only output of the click goes to my earphone. No sound out from the
speakers, only the loop of my lines. I wear a mono earphone at low volume 
have the chance to perfectly hear the music. My loops are incredibly better
since I've been using this method.

To begin, Just sing mentally the phrase you're going to play starting and
stopping the rec/tap function at the desired points. Don't play until the
synced click start in your ears! Then you have a perfect time reference for
more rythimc things, pulsing at the time you choose singing your part

I think this could be a good method for live solo looping performance or 
syncing other instruments too. Think that drummers play to a click since
stone age. Why not us loopers?  
But if you wanna be free live you could use just as a practice method.