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Re: Re: PMC-10

The X 15 only works on one midi channel, making it useless in controlling
multiple processors. Also, (and I had one for a few years when I only had
one FX unit, and ART SGE that made horrific noises...) the CC pedals had
like 10 steps, so it was impossible to send smooth messages. The old ones,
like mine was, were 'painted' with this pink splatter pattern across them.
Almost as bad as the Plex's
beige color.
Dave EIchenberger

'Future Perfect' - progressive art music - visit our website at:
"Music must be heard for it to become real, and to be born into our
world" -Robert Fripp

>How about ART's X-15 Ultrafoot.  I used one for years and it worked pretty
>well.  They have one used at the Ithaca Guitar works in Ithaca NY.I think
>they're on the web.