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Re: 3rd CD/TAPE project.

Good to hear from you.  I live about 80 miles south of Minneapolis, close 
Rochester (home of the Mayo Clinic).  The music scene in Rochester is small
but growing.  There are a few coffee houses and fine restaurants/bars which
lend themselves to good music.  The rest of the scene is the typical bar

As far as St. Paul and Minneapolis, a much brighter picture.  Minneapolis, 
upscale swank place with the large university close by produces any type of
music desired, whereas St. Paul, the old quiet Cow town, has more serene
venues.  Make sense?  Kinda hard to describe.  In essence, you've gotta get
out  and make things happen around here, there are plenty of cool places
though. (Mankato, Northfield, Duluth, La Crosse etc. etc.)  Ambitious 
can make anything happen.

The third CD project is for loopers and was primarily intended for 4 track
tape submissions; however,  I'm sure we can accept DAT demos as well. I'll
have to enlist the help of Matt Mcabe for DAT submissions.

I'll add your name to the list and keep posting the group as to status.  

Thanks much!!!!!!