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Unidentified subject!

I happened across a used Digitech Time Machine (4 second delay) for 149.00 
at a local guitar store that features used equipment.

I long to join the ranks of loopers but can't spare the cash for a more 
current looping device.   Recently saw a Vortex for $287 at a local music 
store but that still seems somewhat out of my range.

I play as a form of stress management (lights dimmed, kids in bed, maybe a 
candle or two).  So my questions are

Can I create a loop or an infinite repeat with a time machine?

Is the time machine a valid entry point for creating a sort of meditative 
atmospheric music.

The clerk tried to steer me to a digital delay pedal ($125 with maybe 800 
or 1600ms delay)  as opposed to the the time machine.  He described the 
time machine as more appropriate for recording booth usage although that 
appears to go against the discussions that I've seen in the loopers 
delight archive. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated.