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Time Machine Antics

Ditto on Stephen's enthusiasm/

I have a Jammie and an RDS 8000 (rack mount 8 sec.--same as 7.6) and love
them both--the Time Machine is a great unit for the bucks and has knobs for
real-time tweakability not to mention chorusability and flangeing--things I
CAN"T do with the Jammie

--if you want to do a pedal with knobs, the DOD delay pedals are about $100
discounted for 4 secs. of loops (got one of those too, but like the time
machine much better)

The Zoom ppedal packs alot of power into a pedal, but you have to SCROLL :(


drone on~~~~Tom

>>I happened across a used Digitech Time Machine (4 second delay) for 
>at a local guitar store that features used equipment.
>I got my 7.6 Time Machine for $125 via the Recycler, a used equipment 
>(that's also ONLINE at http://www.recycler.com) back in 1992... and it's
>still ticking!
>>I long to join the ranks of loopers but can't spare the cash for a more
>current looping device.
>Thus my enthusiasm for the 7.6, given my own relatively destitute status.
>>Can I create a loop or an infinite repeat with a time machine?
>Most definately yes.  On the unit, with the loop set to be long, and the
>feedback to the loop set all the way up, is the best way to recreate the
>tape loop effect we all strive to achieve.  There are, mind you, only 16
>layers in the unit, thus 16 cycles is ones limit with the loop open.
>You must open the loop to put stuff into it - and remember to close it so
>that everything you wanted to keep doesn't just cascade off the top of the
>stack.  This is best achieved with a footpedal, though doable with the ol'
>fingers on the front panel too.
>>Is the time machine a valid entry point for creating a sort of meditative
>atmospheric music.
>>The clerk tried to steer me to a digital delay pedal ($125 with maybe 800
>or 1600ms delay)  as opposed to the the time machine.  He described the 
>machine as more appropriate for recording booth usage although that 
>to go against the discussions that I've seen in the loopers delight 
>Pfeh and kibosh!  Let me be the first (or one of many) to invite you to my
>website.  ALL of the music produced and posted at
>http://www.earthlight.net/Studios is done using the 7.6 Time Machine in 
>signal path.  Have a listen and you'll be able to tell if what I'm 
>is close to what you want to hear in a looping device.
>Stephen Goodman           * http://www.earthlight.net/Studios
>EarthLight Productions     * Get the Loop Of The Week Free!
Tom Lambrecht  hideo@concentric.net