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RE: stereoizing mono with Vortex

        Michael Peters asked:"I have some mono (or not very stereo)
recordings which I'd like to stereo-enhance a little to make them more
interesting for headphone listening. I have a Vortex but I'm not very
experienced with it yet. Does anyone have Vortex settings for such a
purpose? The effect should not be too dramatic."


My suggestion is to start with Choir A.  Bring all parameters to 0
except for MIX, OUTPUT and MOD FX LVL which should all be set to 64.  I
have not tried this but I expect that it should work well for what you
are looking for.  Please let me know what you think or what you come up

Best regards,

Greg Hogan
Lexicon Customer Service
Phone +781-280-0372
FAX +781-280-0499
email: ghogan@lexicon.com