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RE: EH/Time machines on Loopers site?


I don't know if Kim is prepared to add your EH scans to the Loopers Web
site, but they sure would look good there . . .

as would the RDS 8000 manual for those not fortunate enough to have one

by the way, still waiting for the immense flow of Time Machine tips to 
streaming in for editing and inclusion on the Web site--remember, it has 
official blessing of the KimMeister. Also anyone know how to do this HTML
thing who wants to get the Time Machine pge cranking--(my dark secret--I
can't even do the MIDI thing much less the HTML hting--hell, I can't even
keep my "t"s and "h"s straight when I get excited (and I'm an excitable 


At 06:30 PM 1/30/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I can scan the EH16 manual if someone wants it or wants to post it.

>>>At 3:51 PM -0500 1/20/98, Tom Lambrecht wrote:
>>I'm, assuming that if some misguided soul                CENSORED
 compiling various boring
>>technical minutiae                          DELETED
 into a FAQ that less than a handful of people will ever
>>see                               RESRICTED
>>that you would turn the text file into a finished Loopers Web page 
>>with                         TOP SECRET
 on a vintage
>>RDS 8000 with Real-Time Audio and Puddling Video and Java and . . . .
>>Ahem . . well if that is the case, (and if and only the rest of the 
>>League of Time Machinists contribute to the project), I'd have a go . 

>ok, you're on. Although, don't expect me to be doing all that java and
>video stuff. I don't have time to do it or even learn how! The most I ever
>figured out was how to make something into a basic web page, and for that 
>just use the free html composer that comes with netscape. I'd encourage 
>to go ahead and do that much, because it's easy and if you wait for me to
>do it, it'll take forever. Or partner up with another time-machine fanatic
>to help you out.
>but hey, thanks for offering to pitch in! I'll ask one of my numerous
>supermodel friends to pay you a visit.
>>>> hey, if someone wants to scan the manual, I'd be happy to put it on 
>>>> website.
>>>> Also, lots of great info has been posted about this box. It would be 
>>>> if someone could complile it all into a FAQ for the Time Machine 
>page. That
>>>> poor lonely page sure could use someone to take care of it!
>>>> Just think of the fame and self promotion it would gain you... 
>>>> Delight gets over 3000 hits a week. All those people looking at YOUR
>>>> handywork....imagine: the job offers come streaming in....overflowing 
>>>> accounts....new home studio toys....parties with rock stars and super
>>>> models....it could all be yours, just for one measly web page.....
>>>> kim
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