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RE: Cool Looper Alert

Just so you all know . . . 

Bill was using a EH-16 back in 1986 (and probably before) to do
looping-at least live, I can't remember any of his recordings with
looping on 'em, maybe some of the things that he did with Tim Berne . .
.  He was the first guy I ever heard using an EH-16 to do this and it
inspired a friend of mine to go search one out. 

So I don't exactly think that he's tip-toeing into looping at this


p.s. last heard Bill's EH-16 finally broke and he was looking for one .
. . anyone feeling generous?

> ----------
> From:         Fmplautus@aol.com
> Reply To:     Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Sent:         Tuesday, February 17, 1998 11:20 AM
> To:   LiebigSA@maritz.com
> Subject:      Cool Looper Alert
> Anybody check out the new Bill Frissell album, GONE LIKE A TRAIN?
> Interesting, spare, sinewy, ice skater- like loops  at the end of
> track 6,
> LOOKOUT FOR HOPE, and track 16 -- no title and officially not a "tune"
> but at
> the end of the CD in a kind of sneaky Beatlesque White Album way.  We
> think
> tracks six looping is especially musical -- again at the end of the
> piece.
> It's interesting to see Friessell tip-toeing into looping.  We really
> like the
> way he used the loops to enhance his style of playing jazz guitar.
> (The way
> he plays reminds us of turn of the century "parlor" guitar that's been
> warped
> by Thelonius Monk.)  Frissell has  absored "play the spaces" from
> Monk, and
> from what we hear his looping forays are about that.
> It's also an alternative looping universe to the dense "texture"
> looping that
> we all know and love, just as his guitar playing is a healthy antidote
> to the
> "velocity" single voice playing that has denominated electric guitar
> in the
> last decade.
> But will Frissell only continue to flirt with looping, or will he flat
> out
> make a commitment and bring her home to mama?  He seems to be becoming
> more
> popular.
> Best,
> the LoOpdOctOrs