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Mo' Frisell

Bill seems to have used both the 1/2 and 2x plus the reverse fairly
often. Going back and forth between all of these in creating a loop (at
least from what I remember).

Another guy who does this is Nels Cline. (Recommend his trio CDs for
those who are interested-stay away if heavy noise damage bothers you.
Otherwise a really interesting take on the guitar-"jazz" filtered
through Sonic Youth, Mahavishnu and Hendriz . . . occasionally played
with egg whisks . . . an intense auditory experience)

Naked City:

Elektra Musician CD of the same name and (I believe) something called
"Torture Garden."

4 other on the Japanese Avant label (home to some Buckethead stuff too
plus many other great things-expensive, but can scrounge up mail order,
etc.): "Grand Guignol," "Radio," "Absinthe" and "Heretic." Almost all of
the stuff from the Elektra Musician stuff is covered on GG. The band
covers a VERY WIDE amount of territory and is not for everyone-some very
free improv and a lot of stuff that is very quick jump cuts, influenced
by Zorn's love of cartoon music (Carl Stalling). Also of note on these
CDs the amazing drumming of Joey Baron-a guy who came up playing with
Carmen McCRae doing speed metal drumming. Awesome.

John Zorn's label Tzadik has rereleased "Torture Garden" and "Leng
Tshce" (horribly mispelled and my least favorite of all their stuff) as
a double CD. Since both CDs come in at around 30 minutes though . . .

> ----------
> From:         R & T Cummings
> Reply To:     Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Sent:         Tuesday, February 17, 1998 6:57 PM
> To:   LiebigSA@maritz.com
> Subject:      Re: Cool Looper Alert
> Ze LoOpdOctOrs haf bin riting:
> >But will Frissell only continue to flirt with looping, or will he
> flat 
> out make a commitment and bring her home to mama?  He seems 
> to be becoming more popular.<
> I tink, he's bin to mama und he is now long gone. He makes se 
> loops now since long time wit hiss EH-16.
> Recommend zu yu:
> "In Line"
> "Power Tools"
> "Before We Were Born"
> "Quartet"
> and many others (you're sure to hear from other listees)
> OK, let me drop my "deutsch" accent, I admit to being a big Frisell
> fan 
> for a few years now. In fact, he's the one who got me into looping
> after 
> seeing him with the Paul Motian Trio and I wondered, "what the heck 
> has he got in that in that little box?". As far as I know, he's
> dabbled
> with 
> the Jamman but he usually only uses the EH-16 live. I agree with you 
> Doc's in that he uses the looper in an interesting non-blubbery
> texture
> sort of way. As far as my ears can tell, he also does a fair amount of
> 2x and 1/2x switching - that is doubling / halving the return rate -
> which 
> is a cool lo-fi dub effect.
> P.S. Any of U loopers know how he got his sounds on "The Beach"
> from "In Line"? This track has always spooked me out ...
> P.P.S. To all EH-16 users: Is it possible with this machine to make a 
> loop with sounds recorded at both sampling rates?
> Thanks, Rob (spending a night with the Looper's list while my
> girlfriend 
> wonders what's taking so long ;-)  ) Cummings (no relation to Bob)