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RE: Looping/music/audience/commerce

 You're in CO? How are things out there? Ron Mles is from Denver,

Yeah, Ron's from Denver, great cat too.  Always willing to share his
knowledge and just hang out.  He's not been around too much though, since
getting the gig with Frisell.  Now that the Quartet isn't doing too much,
and since Ron's record label has kinda disolved, he's looking into other
stuff.  Rumor from his Denver drumer has it that he MAY be doing something
with one of Henery Thredgill's guitarists or possibly Anthony Coleman.
(Wouldn't that be COOL?!?)

Anyway, we still have Fred Hess and the Boulder Creative Music Orchestra,
and of course, there's always the opprutunity to see Art Lande (one of the
most underestimated pianists since Myra Melford, IMHO) doing gigs to
audiences of like 40 people a night in the basement of a little tavern.
(Talk about not selling out. . .)  Of course, ECM is the lable of the
stars. . .  (huh?)  Oh yeah, that's in my own little universe, where no one
has ever heard of the Spice Girls.

See ya,

Doug Tapia