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Central jersey Loop gig...

shamless ad here folks... bear with me.

hope you don't get a bunch HTML glitch:

this promises to be a night of weirdness.....

Doors 7:30 Show 8:15pm 

Music From The Outer Edge

Slumbersigh 8:15pm

Bon Lozaga (of GONG)
Solo Guitar Loops- Sonic Abandon 9:00pm

JFK's LSD UFO9:45pm
andre cholmondeley -guitar/synth,vocals,samples. Loops
cheri jiosne - percuss.,drums,synth, Loops

Mooter Wholesale & Manufacturing (MN) 10:30pm

The Saint * 601 Main St *  Asbury Park NJ

The saint's a cool little bar, tho' it's 18+ friendly...

732-775-9144 --- 18 TO ENTER !!! 21 TO DRINK
Info/band links at http://www.jswd.net/projectobject 

need more info/directions, etc   contact andre@monmouth.com or 732-747-6448

thanks !!! = andre' c