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Re: Loopinh Ensembler

Kim wrote:
>- the echoplex has a pulse sync input (BeatSync), which you could connect
>to a drum trigger. So the drummer could be providing a "sync" for your
>loops. (or his own loops)  Each time he hits it, the plex retriggers the
>loop. If he doesn't hit it, the echoplex keeps going or stops, depending
>how you have it set up. You can also use this for recording loops
>to the drummer's tempo in the first place, if you aren't very good at
>tapping the start/stop in time. Of course, the drummer might have to
>understand how this works, which could be difficult.  ;-)<

OK, Kim just answered about all of my questions from my last posts. I now
know how to solve all my problems - buy an ECHOPLEX!  As soon as I can
convince the S.O. that this is REALLY important, a necessity ... Let's
attribute my problems to Kim's subtle but effective salesmanship ;-). Hey
Kim, here'z to the phat beatz! Killah dope! ;-)

Concerning drummerz (being that I am one): some more jokez 4 ya:

Q: What'z the lazt thing that goez through a drummerz mind when he hits the
brakez at a red light?
A: Hiz zymbalz!

Little Max zayz to Mum: When I grow up I wanna be a drummer!
Mum'z retort: Well Max, you can't be both!

Q: What are a drummerz last wordz?
A: Hey guyz, let'z play one of my tunez ...

Rob (dizmizzing the letter 'S')