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Re: MIDI Matrix for sale--no loop content


I'm interested in the Midi Matirx.  Does it come with the Abacus foot

- Chris

>Hello all,
>Please forgive the crass commercialism, but I thought someone here might 
>interested in the Mesa/Boogie MIDI Matrix switcher I'm selling.
>For those who don't know, it's an integrated MIDI and guitar amp switching
>device. It has 6 effects loops, and 8 function switches for controlling 
>functions like channel switching, fx loop on/off, etc. One of the effects
>loops is can be set up to handle footpedals, which is pretty cool (you can
>place your wah or phase shifter after the pre-amp in your signal chain, 
>can give quite interesting results). This is a really great switcher, and 
>a Boogie, so it's built like a tank. It's in perfect condition, and I'm
>selling it for $300.
>I'm also selling a Boogie Mk. IV head, a DOD 12 channel mixer, an old ART
>Multiverb EXT digital fx box, a Tom Anderson American Classic electric
>guitar....I should open a store. Email me at TritoneDW@aol.com if you're
>interested in any of this stuff. Sorry this commercial was so long.
>Drew Wheeler