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Re: MIDI problems ???

> heh, heh. Andre, you have far more energy for this than I do!

spirulina, it even looks like a little green LOOP
> If you are happy with what you have, great! But I think you largely
> my point, which is:
> The possiblity for incredible advances in the expressiveness and
> electronic instruments could be here, 

but no matter how far we go, someone will always point to the horizon and
say - "We could be over there, if only..."

>if not for the unfortunate (and well documented by other people)
limitations of midi. I spent a number of years
> in R&D labs working on early prototypes of such instruments, and I find
it frustrating that they can't be enjoyed by the >rest of the world. 

and i think i addressed this - in the 'economic vs. reality' part of my
screed.. it's been shown that most guitar cables filter out all kinds of
cool frequencies from our signals - should we all be using $45 gold tip
cables? Music. Music.

>I hope that someday this will change, but that day will not come through
acceptance of the status quo.
> If you want to learn some more about some midi alternatives and possible
> future musical networking technologies try these:
and thanks for the great links and the fine dialog. I'm gonna go loop with
my *new* addition - a 10 year old Kawai MX8BR 8channel mixer....wow -what a
difference it makes for me!!! yippeee!!! (or, rather - Zipppeee!!!)
peace thru music