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live music saturday @ nyc

We are playing Saturday night in NYC...

untld_snd = untitled sound = rythmaticsoundscapexperiments

Jennifer Ermler
Jim McGinnis <jimbo@walrus.com>
Chad Wetherbee <jupiterchad@erols.com>
 ++special guests++
Swar <swargenius@aol.com>
Apple-O <appleo@raven.cybercomm.net>

plus DJ's Suit and Cruz Missle on the 12's

Saturday April 4th...$5
9-9:30 dj
9:30-11 set 1 (3-piece lineup)
11-11:30 dj
11:30-1am (5-piece lineup)
it's Step-In at the Cornelia St. Cafe
it's in the West Village, off w 4th st. between 6th and 7th aves...