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Re: Price sharing etiquette

In a message dated 98-04-03 15:43:07 EST, you write:

 Thanks for making that point Peter.  Maybe I've just subscribed
 to rather helpful newgroups in the past, but this group does seem a bit
 on the helpful-only-if-I-can-toot-my-own-horn-in-the-process side.
 Last week I asked a simple question, "What is the going rate for a used
 JamMan?".  I received not even ONE response.  I would imagine that 80%
 of you have a good idea.  Was my question too basic and "newbee" for all
 you pros?
 --  >>

I can't speak for everyone else, but I often don't respond to these 
because I don't see them.  This list generates a LOT of mail, as you know.
Generally, I only have time to skim the posts, and maybe read one or two if
I'm lucky.  I certainly don't care about tooting my horn, and I don't 
get the impression that too many other people here care about that 
could be wrong. 

I think we've got a great thing going here, and I would certainly like to 
other people if I can. Perhaps those of us who have tons of time to read 
post in detail should up their commitment to public service  :-).

As a practical point, there's a lot of info for those just getting 
involved in
this stuff on the LD website. Check it out.

Drew W.