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Re: Price Sharing Etiquette Re: Price sharing etiquette Re: Price sharing etiquette Re: Price sharing etiquette Re: Price sharing etiquette Re: Price sharing etiquette

G'day List:

I must confess I'm a little in the dark, as somehow (my own fault to be
sure) I got unsubscribed from the list as of last Thursday OR the
servers been down? Anyway, it seems my few posts regarding prices on an
Echoplex have stirred things up a bit. 

I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes for posting an actual price from
an actual retailer without also stating their name - in my experience,
folks who want to find out where to buy something won't be shy about
sending a private email (it hasn't ever stopped me!); it was perhaps
subliminal that I didn't post the name of the store (Kenosha Music,
414.697.9393) partly because I didn't have the unit in hand - I got
several interested private emails, to whom I gave out the name

Just a few thoughts on price and service, etc. When I spoke to Tom Merit
@ Kenosha to finally place the order (it should arrive in soggy Southern
California around the 23rd of this month), he told me that he had
already received three calls, because of me "putting it on the internet"
to which I felt slightly chagrined, not knowing if this was a good thing
for him or not; I would assume it's a good thing, but there was this
tone in his voice, like, "Oh shit, now I'm gonna be getting
exponentially greater numbers of orders which I can't fill on an item
that I probably priced too low..." Anyway, I've never been in sales, so
I'm just projecting here. 

I hope most of us realize that the best price on a piece of gear isn't
always the best deal. I first started looking locally, at the music
store I've done about 75% of my business with (when you have as meager a
studio as I do, that doesn't amount to much). Unfortunately, they'd
heard of the unit but never sold one, put me on perma-hold while they
looked it up (this due to the aforementioned meager studio cash outlay)
and so I quickly decided that it wasn't gonna be them this time. But I
do see a real value in buying gear from a local outfit where one can
establish a relationship. It just pays off down the line in more ways
than need be elaborated upon here.

Anyway, enough of this. I'll check in once I have Echoplex in hand.