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Loop Show Page

Just another little plug about the Loop Show in DC on April 18th. There's a
site at: http://www.fingerpaint.net/Loop.html

Three members of this list will be performing. Myslef with my partner as
FingerPaint, Paul Militsch with Jody Janetta, and Siobahn CAnty and...

You must chek out site of one of Siobahn musicians Eric "Doc" Smith. He's
made an instrument called the Drumstick. There's a very cool photo at his
site which is linked to the Loop Show Site.

If this performance is successful, we will be able to set up more Loop
Shows. So I urge all of the DC locals to attend this show.


 ***  ***    ** Fingerpaint http://www.his.com/~patrick/FNGP.html  ***  **