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Re: LD site and pass the hat...

At 9:57 PM -0500 4/5/98, Grover Sheffield wrote:
>Okay.  It's worth some $ to me.  Address??
>>Ya know, it's gonna be a while before the LD cd royalties start flowing.
>> whadduya say, those of us who haven't already done so:  let's roll some
>>Kim's way, give him at least some monetary help with this ISP mess.

hey thanks, I really appreciate the offer!

If you are interested in helping out however, what I really prefer is time!
If you can find some time to write an article and contribute it to the
website, or do anything else that strikes your fancy, that would be truly
helpful. Looper's Delight is mostly created by people volunteering their
efforts, and the more volunteers we have adding things, the better it gets!

So scratch your noggin and think of something you can do! If you can't
think of anything, there are plenty of loose projects floating around that
you are more than welcome to take on.

If you have no time, and would still like to help out with a little cash,
that's perfectly alright with me. This stuff doesn't run for free.
Hopefully we'll have Looper's Delight cd project profits paying for it in
the near future, but in the mean time it comes from my pocket. If you want
to help out, send me private mail and we can make some arrangement.



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