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Re: Looper Wishlist

> >What if you could
> >replace elements in a loop based on dynamics? If you're silent, the loop
> >remains the same, if you play softly, the new material is mixed into the
> >background of the old, and if you play at full volume, the old material 
> >completely replaced by the new. I
>     Working with a compressor on the sum of live and looped sound has a
> similar effect in that the live sound pushes the loop out of the way (no
> completely), put when you stop playing the loop comes back.
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I've tried using this "ducking" effect on my Composer with the sidechain. 
It's a
strange effect, but not one that really blew me away. Maybe I just didn't 
find the
killer app. A little more interesting was to use a delayed signal on the
sidechain. By playing at the delay tempo you could use the gate to "bite" 
parts of the dry (without delay) signal. Another effect I tried was to use 
simple rhythm trigger (e.g.BD from drum machine) on the side chain. If you 
put a
fairly droney texture loop through the main section, the rhythm pulses 
could be
used to add gated swells to the drone.

I suppose these are all old tricks (they're described somewhat in the 
manual). Anyone else know some wild tricks with dynamic processors?


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