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Re: 1 plex function question

At 12:12 AM +0200 4/11/98, Claude Voit wrote:
>Hello everybody
>One questions to the Echoplex users out there
>For the switch quantize  parameters the manual doesnt seem to be updated
>for the latest version of the software (are there other areas where this
>happens ?)
>What are Cyc (cycle?) and Cnf?? and what are they doing?

CYC = loop switch occurs at end of current cycle. nice for keeping things
sync'd and rhythmic.

CnF = confirm.

loop switch occurs when you confirm it. Pressing NextLoop puts you in the
"ooo" wait period until you do something to send it to the next loop. The
basic "confirm" action is to press the Undo button, which sends you
immediately to the next loop. The point of it is that you can more easily
decide which loop you are switching to with confirm mode. You can continue
to press NextLoop until the display shows the one you want, and then press
Undo and go there. If you want to be executing a particular function when
you go to the next loop (recording, overdubbing, copying, etc.) you can
press those from the "ooo" waiting period.

you are in loop 1, and want to switch to loop 7
you press Next, the display shows "ooo". Loop 1 continues to play.
you keep pressing Next until the display shows "L 7"
then you press Undo when want to switch, and you immediately go to loop 7.

If you want to have have a function like Record immediately start when you
go to Loop 7, press that button instead of Undo. (so when it says "L 7"
press Record, and you will immediately be recording in Loop 7.

With short loops this mode is helpful, because it gives you more time to
set things up before the loop switch.

>One other to Kim concerning the I/O Gain modification
>Is an 22.0 K resistor OK as I dont find 22.1 k here ?
>What is the recommended Wattage ?

22k, 1/4 watt, although you could use lower or higher wattage.


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