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Re: Yuppies and Loops

I saw a couple of people playing techno music in a similar venue in Silicon
Valley, with the same result -- empty coffee shop, although there were lots
of kids hanging out in front.

At the time I thought it was really weird, but I think it boils down to the
following theory:

The louder the music, the more people have to like it -- or the scene that
surrounds it -- in order to stick around.

If it isn't too loud, one can probably play almost anything one wants in a
venue where the music isn't the prime attraction.  I somehow manage to sit
in (so-called) restaurants playing Muzak without feeling like putting all
the kids back in the car.

I think a lot of people go to cafes expecting to be able to talk, so if the
music's too loud to talk without shouting, even if they're halfway
open-minded, they may leave.  Or, in the case of the kids and the techno
music, go outside where they can hear the music in the background while
still being able to talk.

Don't take it personally :)


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