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Re: Yuppies and Loops

Some additional thoughts on this.

What does everyone think of the home-town tactic, so to speak, of getting
friends into the place in addition to the others that may show up?  I've
gone to more than a couple of friends' gigs to aid in "filling the place 
so the owner'll ask 'em back.  Hey, publicity isn't just blatant, sometimes
all it has to be is implied, eh?

Doug Wyatt <doug@sonosphere.com> said:
>The louder the music, the more people have to like it -- or the scene that
>surrounds it -- in order to stick around.

Mind you, it's a leap of faith sometimes, but putting ambient stuff through
a good distributed PA (Buster's in Pasadena has two floors, as such), which
doesn't have to be pants-rattling in order to be more-than-listenable.

>I think a lot of people go to cafes expecting to be able to talk, so if 
>music's too loud to talk without shouting, even if they're halfway
>open-minded, they may leave.  Or, in the case of the kids and the techno
>music, go outside where they can hear the music in the background while
>still being able to talk.

The thing is, if they go outside, they're not paying customers.  I wondered
some time ago whether there would be an equivalent to "Louie, Louie" in the
ambient world, that coffeehouse owners would always want us to play, which
would magically cause everyone to want to drink more coffee.  Or has this
happened already up in Seattle? :)

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