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Re: Yuppies and Loops, was Re: Looping show tonight, Friday in Portland, OR

One thing I have noticed is that when people playing avant garde music turn
up levels, in a coffeehaus, it is the best interest to be having people
come there who know you.  
Then you can see if the "rubberneck" syndrome applies to music.  Domino
theory, etc.
At a coffeehaus one goes for any number of reasons, at Starbucks, aka not a
coffeehaus, one goes to sit on ones derriere and bring "armchair
philosophy" into this Neo-Victorian age.  So of course they would like to
hear themselves talk, not necessarily each other, and so vicariously "shoot
the breeze".  If you happen to add more output, than the mundane bright
buorgeousie existence of said "venue", i.e., passing above their
expressionless yet oh so bright voices, please watch for lumbering bodies
out the commode of Starbucks.  Tom Waits would say: I pray you pass by or
pass down volume mack, donna go dere, dey's a bit narra.