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Re: so im not going to get rich playing my loops????

At 02:13 PM 4/13/98 EDT, NEMOGUIT wrote:
>who would have thunk that what we do, and that is a question in And of 
>is not quite mainstream. do we do music to drink coffee by? or hide me in 
>corner and ill keep it low enough so as not to bother the eaters, would 
>to ruin someones salad!! i have always wondered, is it the fact that i am 
>simple that i can be quite happy listening to the loops of the birds and
>"peepers" and find enjoyment in this. is this simplicity the basis of my 
>of loops?

I think we should be careful about assuming that "looping" is an actual
genre of music. To me it is more of a technique that could be applied
anywhere. (like say, "singing" or "drumming".)  What you put into a loop 
what you do with the loop will have a lot more to do with the sort of music
you end up with, whether it be challenging high-art or danceable party 
or bluegrass or whatever, than the loop itself. Certainly, using a 
looping device will direct you in certain ways, but I imagine that someone
like Chet Atkins will end up in a totally different place than someone like
Jack Dangers. (both of whom are known to use real-time loopers and still
retain their sizable audiences...Chet even won a grammy using his 

*Some people* using real-time loopers are forging into new musical
territories and making difficult music that drives people out of coffee
shops. I think that has more to do with things like their actual music,
their skill as entertainers, their relationship with a given audience, 
choice of venue, and the newness/comfort issue than it does with the
presence of a looping device somewhere in the process.

A looper is just a tool used for particular techniques that you can apply 
you like. Whether you succeed or not will have a lot more to do with you 
your music than with the tool or the techniques.....

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Mpact Systems Engineering       kflint@chromatic.com
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