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speaking of early Torn

I don't know if this was just mentioned recently, since
for a spell i've only been receiving the digest version
of L-D (and hence, NOT receiving L-D for a while), but
i am DYING to know where i can get a hold of a recording
of the early CMP release SURA.

I think SURA was a Mark Nauseef record--not sure--but
featured Torn, Trilok Gurtu, and Kamalesh Maitra on
tabla tarang.

I've never heard SURA, but one of my favorite releases
from the past few years is this recording of Kamalesh
Maitra accompanied by Trilok Gurtu, recorded (damn near
impeccably!) by the inimitable Walter Quintus at Ztudio
Zerkall of CMP notoriety.  This album (a Smithsonian
release) is amazing, and just the thought of these two 
masters on the same record as Torn sends shivers.

I don't think CMP ever re-released SURA on CD.

Anyone know anything about this recording?


Pete Koniuto