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Re: SV: Garbarek album (from 1984)

At 8:59 -0700 4/15/98, Dave Trenkel wrote:
> >Absolutely , this album is great!!  On a related subject:  Has anyone
> >heard anything
> >by the "Everyman Band"  (with DT)??

They played live a lot around here (upstate NY), NYC, Europe and I dunno
where else, maybe 1982-86.  In his previous bands DT had stayed a little
closer to mainstream jazz/rock/fusion/blues playing (to try to reduce the
amazing stuff he was doing into a few words, think Holdsworth, Hendrix and
that Eastern twist we still hear today).  With Everyman Band, Torn, as Dave
alludes, seemed to be exploring the guitar as noisemaking machine (though
not to the exclusion of melody and harmony).

> >I believe they released an album with
> >Jan Garbarek
> >in the middle eighties.

The saxophonist was Marty Fogel, whose first (I think, and only?) solo
release was "Many Bobbing Heads at Last" (CMP 37), on which Torn also
plays.  It's a bit more jazzy.  Good stuff.

> I got the first everyman band lp as a cutout in about '85, it's great,
> proto-skronk fusion. Torn's playing, while not nearly as subtle and
> sophisticated as his current stuff, is really wild, raw and full of 
> Don't think it's ever been released on CD though.

No, but the second one, "Without Warning" (ECM 1290) was.  This one has
some more composed moments (even an occasional synth part), but plenty more
wild Torn shredding.


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