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Re: EDP function problem

At 09:29 PM 4/15/98 -0500, Grover Sheffield wrote:
>At 09:25 PM 4/13/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>you've got it in delay mode. Go to the Loop/Delay parameter and switch it
>>back to Loop mode.
>Thanks Obie-wan.  
>Worked like a charm - I didn't realize I had changed it to delay.  I 
>even begun to use all the software you guys put into this unit.  I'm 
>with the reverse function, but am NOT trying that in public yet.  Is 
>there a
>way to stop the loop and then restart it from the start (did I miss this 
>the FAQ?)?  I've used mute, and discovered that my timing is ....ummm,
>*syncopated* when I bring the loop back from mute.  

When you are in mute, there are four different ways to come out of it:

1) unmute. press the mute button again, and the loop audio comes back on
wherever it happens to be at that moment. It's as if it kept going but you
had the sound off.

2) restart and continue. When it is muted, press Undo. the loop will start
at the beginning and continue.

3) restart and play once. When it is in mute, press insert. The loop will
start at it's beginning, play one time, and go back to mute. While it is
playing you can press Insert again, which will restart the loop for
retriggering and stuttering effects.

4) external trigger. From mute, press multiply. A trigger on the BeatSync
jack will then start the loop, in the same retriggering/play-once fasion as
3). This trigger could come from a drum pad or a momentary foot pedal or

The one you want is number 2. If this is the primary way you expect to be
unmuting, we have the MuteMode parameter to make it more convenient for 
MuteMode basically lets you swap 1) and 2) above. This way, you only need 
use the mute button to mute the loop and unmute it from the beginning, and
you don't need to bother remembering what all the other cross-function
buttons do. So if you change the MuteMode parameter to "start", using the
mute button to unmute starts the loop it at the beginning and then 

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Mpact System Engineering       kflint@chromatic.com
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