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SV: SV: Garbarek album (from 1984)

>I'd personally prefer the Everyman Band to either Holdsworth or Van Halen,
>it's much rawer than either, doesn't have Holdsworth annoyingly pointless
>compositions and anal production, and, unlike Van Halen, the stuff around
>the guitar solos is interesting too.

 Speaking of Holdsworth: What I love about him is his chordal playing. I 
saw him live here
in Oslo a while back and (as usual) he  had a small mountain of gear 
behind him. I know the
magic of his playing lies in his hands and mind but I am wondering; Have 
any of had any luck
getting that big lushy chordal sound he gets , with a small amount of 

I`m talking a sound that is wide and BIG , without beeing  to 
"time-travelling" , as in: he plays
a beutiful chord and when he lifts his fingers the sound stops.......not 
like a delay that goes on
and on.

Yours , Thomas